Principle of functioning of Magnetic Flow Meters

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The wide applications of the Magnetic Flow meter make it superior to many of the traditional measurement instruments.

This type of flow meter can take the conductive liquid measurement as well as fluids like industry sewage, paper pulp residential waster, milk, juice, etc.

It can also measure liquids that are dirty and even the ones containing solid impurities such as grease, slurry, mud, etc without the measurement getting affected by the properties of the liquid such as its temperature, density, etc.

A type of volumetric flow meter, made by the flow transmitter and flow sensor, is used to detect the flow rate of liquid in closed pipelines. The flow meter has little need of maintenance as it contains no moving parts in the mag sensor.   Principle of functioning of Magnetic Flow Meters To determine the way a liquid flows inside a pipe, these magnetic flow meters utilize the Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. Through the concept of Faraday’s law, whenever some conductive liquid makes its way through a magnetic field, the electrodes near the walls can sense a volatile signal. 

As the movement of the fluid increases, the amount of voltage generation also increases. Thus to find the flow of the liquid, the amount of voltage generation is calculated by the flow meter.

The magnetic flow meters are very high in accuracy as they use them a different technology than all other kinds of flow meters which produce flow linear signals.

Minuses and Plusses Electromagnetic flow meters are regularly used for commodity transfers unless the transfer involves the fluids like water due to the intermediate accuracy of these flow meters.

Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meters are generally requested by the customers in the food industry, like mild, juice, drinking water, etc. as these flow meters are also adaptable to be used in sanitary cases.

They may be reliable but do not apply to nonconductive fluids such as oils.

China Magnetic Flow meters China Magnetic flow meters are one of the best flow meters on the market that are long-lasting, rigged and available at a very reasonable price. They are supplied by the Silver Automation Instruments.

The magnetic flow meters have a lot of demand in various industries such as water industries, chemical industries, etc. They are considered to be the best flow meters amongst the class of flow meters due to their dead-on accuracy and precision and also the lack of moving parts in their sensors which makes their maintenance very easy with no extra cost.

The technology used in magnetic flow meters is very different than the one used in other flow meters which are based on the fact that the produced signal is nonlinear. Due to that reason, the accuracy of the flow meters is very high and that’s why the selling percentage of magnetic flow meters is 23% among all the flow meters.

Features of magnetic flow meter by China flow meters:

1. It provides an accuracy of up to 0.5% to 0.25%. 2. Multi-use such as chemical flow meter or acid-resistant flow meter. 3. It provides bidirectional measurement. 4. Available sensor size: 1 inch, 2 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches, 24 inches and so on. 5. It has a digital flow meter to show total as well as instant flow.

Application Of Magnetic Flow meters in Industries The velocity with which conductive liquids such as water, acids, caustic and slurries are flowing through a pipe is measured through Magnetic flowmeters. Although fewer conductivity fluids such as boiler feed water pose an issue as the flow meter might run off due to them and give a reading of zero flow.

The Magnetic flow meter can be used for cleaning corrosive, sanitary, abrasive and dirty liquids as there is no option of flow on it.

The application of these flow meters can also be found in the dirty liquid such as water, mineral processing, power, mining, wastewater, and chemical industries. 

Plants for treating water that process sewage, chemicals, and water also require magnetic flow meters to measure treated/untreated waste.

The metallurgical properties of the fluid in question should also be taken into consideration as this combined with the measuring apparatus can have a major effect on the effectiveness of the measurement.

Magnetic Inductive flow meter can manage a lot of tough applications like acid flow meter, HCL flow meter, corrosive liquid flow meter, brine flow meter, slurry flow meter, etc. by choosing from the various liners and electrodes materials.

The magnetic flow meter is used in many industries and they greatly benefit from all the features that it provides, the industries that use this flow meter are food, oil, gas, paper, chemical, mining, and pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, you should not forget the water industry. 

Advantages of Magnetic Flow meters The electromagnetic flow meters present a huge number of benefits, they are generally very sturdy as they have no moving parts and are non-invasive, which reduces the risk of damage and needs less frequent maintenance.

Some of the big advantages provided by magnetic flow meters consist of:

Caution for Magnetic Flow meter Application The electrical conductivity limit of the Magnetic Flow meter should always be kept in mind as it is not feasible to operate it close to the limit as it will result in the shutdown of the flow meter.

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