China Smart 4-20mA Hart Differential Pressure Transmitter Low Price Dp Transmitter Sensor

                                                     China Smart 4-20mA Hart Differential Pressure Transmitter Low Price DP Transmitter Sensor1. OverviewThe ML3000 series miniaturization capaciti

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                                                     China Smart 4-20mA Hart Differential Pressure Transmitter Low Price DP Transmitter Sensor

1. Overview

The ML3000 series miniaturization capacitive intelligent transmitter is assembled and tested strictly, including high and low temperature intelligent compensation, which makes it to be a easy-installation and easy-use instrument. Various types are available, including measurements for differential pressure, flow, absolute pressure, vacuum degree, level, and specific gravity.


2. Features

  • Capacitive sensors
  • Adopt high-tech machinery processing microelectronics
  • The sensors outputs capacitance signal, direct interface with digital systems
  • High accuracy, better than ±0.1%(Analogue signal)       Linear output: ±0.075%(Digital intelligent signal)
  • High turndown ratio: 10:1~100:1
  • High stability & reliability
  • Good unidirectional over voltage capability
  • Improved self-diagnosis & remote setting communication function
  • Multi-parameter and multi-methods LED display                      

3. Function Parameters

  • Applicable Object: Liquid, gas, steam
  • Measuring Range: 0~0.1KPa--0~40MPa
  • Output Signal: 4-20mA
  • Power Supply: 12~45VDC, 24VDC is general
  • Load Characteristic: Relative with power supply. The load capability in certain power supply and voltage refers to Pic2. Load impedance RL and supply voltage VS relation: RL≤50(Vs-12)
  • Indicating Meter: Multiple parameters and multiple methods LCD indicating header
  • EX-proof: a. Exd Type ExdIICT6 b. Intrinsic Safety Type ExidIICT4
  • Range & Zero: Outer continually adjustable
  • Positive & Negative Shift: When zero passes positive and negative shift, upper limit and lower limit of measuring range cannot exceed 100% of measurement upper limit. The maximum positive shift is 500% that of minimum adjustment range; the maximum negative shift range is 600% that o minimum adjustment range.
  • Temperature Range:

          Working temperature range of amplifier: -29~+93ºC(LT Type: -25~+70ºC)

          Filling silicon oil measuring element: -40~+104ºC

          Filling high temperature oil with flange transmitter: +15~+315ºC

          Common silicon oil: -40~+149ºC

  • Static Pressure: 4, 10, 25, 32MPa
  • Humidity: Relative humidity 0~100%
  • Volume Absorb Quantity: <0.16cm3
  • Damping(Step Response): Continually adjustable between 0.2s to 1.67s when filling oil


4. Technical Parameters

  • Accuracy: ±0.5%, ±0.075%
  • Dead zone: None(≤0.1%)
  • Stability: Less than the absolute value of basic error of maximum range with 6 months
  • Vibration Effect: With 200Hz vibration frequency and error that of ±0.05%/g upper limit of measuring range in arbitrary axis.
  • Power Supply: <0.005%/V output range
  • Load Effect: No load effect under stable power supply


5. Other Parameters

  • Isolation Diaphragm: 316L Stainless Steel, Hastalloy C, Monel or Tantalum
  • Venting/Drain Valve: 316L Stainless Steel, Hastalloy C, Monel
  • Flange & Joint: 316L Stainless Steel, Hastalloy C, Monel
  • Contact Medium O-Ring: Chemigum, Fluorous Rubber
  • Filliing Liquid: Silicon Oil or Inert Oil
  • Bolt: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Electronic Shell Material: Low Copper Aluminum Alloy
  • Impulse Connection: Flange 1/4NPT, Center Distance 54mm, Joint 1/2NPT or M20*1.5 Male Thread Ball Cone Seal, Center Distance with Joint 50.8, 54, 57.2mm(NPT Spinal Canal Thread According to GB/T12716-91)
  • Signal Wire Connection Hole: G1/2'', M20*1.5
  • Weight: 3.9KG(Standard)


6. Configuration

ML3000W Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter:

The max static pressure is 4MPa, the min measuring range is 0-0.125~1.5KPa.

They can shift to a negative pressure transmitter.

Medium:liquid, gas, steam.

TypeSpecification CodeIllustration
ML3¨¨¨W---------------------------------Microdifferential Pressure Transmitter
Output5--------------------------------4-20mA, HART
Sensor1--------------------------------Capacitive Sensor
Measuring Mode-Y--------------------------------Micro Pressure Type
-C--------------------------------Micro Differential Pressure Type
Measuring Range2--------------------------------0-0.125~1.5KPa(0-12.5~150mmH2O)
Part Material to Connect Medium Process ConnectionVent/Drain ValveIsolation DiaphragmFilling Liquid
2--------------------------------316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless SteelSilicone Oil
3--------------------------------Hastalloy C
3--------------------------------Hastalloy CHastalloy CHastalloy C
Display HeaderD--------------------------------Multiple Parameters and Methods Digital LED Display Header
N--------------------------------No Display Header
Installation Mode &
Vent/Drain Valve
A--------------------------------Tube Installation Bend Support
B--------------------------------Plat Installation Bend Support
C--------------------------------Tube Installation Level Support*
D--------------------------------L Support
N--------------------------------No Support
1--------------------------------Up the Lateral Vent/Drain Valve
2--------------------------------Down the Lateral Vent/Drain Valve
3--------------------------------Rear Vent/Drain Valve*
Additional TypeM--------------------------------M20*1.5 Thread Electronic Interface with Waterproof Concentrator*
C--------------------------------NPT1/2 Impulse Interface & Impulse Pipe*
-NF1----------------------------Ex-proof Security Certification: Exd II CT6
-NS1----------------------------Intrinsic Safety Certification: Exi II CT4
-Q-------------------------------Other conventions are available
*: Standard     

China Smart 4-20mA Hart Differential Pressure Transmitter Low Price Dp Transmitter SensorChina Smart 4-20mA Hart Differential Pressure Transmitter Low Price Dp Transmitter Sensor

China Smart 4-20mA Hart Differential Pressure Transmitter Low Price Dp Transmitter SensorChina Smart 4-20mA Hart Differential Pressure Transmitter Low Price Dp Transmitter Sensor

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