TJ OTT Weight Loss

When it comes to doing a task, the only thing that matter is ‘how well we are encouraged’.

Yes, it’s merely the encouragement factor that fuels us to turn the impossible into possible, and so does, the possible into impossible.

Weight loss stories are meant to encourage masses, because believe it or not, it’s a human nature to seek encouragement from those who manages to thrive despite all odds, and trust me, if it’s a celebrity, you are sure to get that next level of encouragement at once!

So this time, we bring you the weight loss tale of Tj Ott who appeared no different from most of us carrying excessive weight, in the past. Tj, who became a known face after the reality TV show, Wicked Tuna, was always this ‘huge’. On top of that, his curly long hair and an overly grown beard further made him appear different.

So what encouraged him to reduce his waistline and take efforts for his fitness? Besides that, how did he do it, that is, what helped me shaking off those extra kilos that were equally alarming for his health? Or let’s put it this way- what is Tj Ott weight loss story?


As stated earlier, Tj Ott became a familiar face after he appeared in the reality TV show Wicked Tuna. Ott was a significant part of the show and so, it was his dedication, talent and somewhat ‘appearance’ that gained him popularity he has today.

The 38 years old star was never ‘hot and dashing’, yet, his different, but attention grabbing style earned him a great fan base post the show. Tj, interestingly, is a fighter- a man who loves challenges and makes every possible effort to succeed. This was pretty apparent in the show where we witnessed him catching the most number of fishes from the sea. Not just that, Ott went out of his way to amuse the audiences with his amazing ‘fish-catching’ tactics and skills in the show.

Essentially, the star was blessed with a family that had a heavy inclination and interest towards fishing. It is because of that, he learned tricks that helped him make his way to the show and of course, do this well!

According to him, his father helped him master ‘the art of fishing’!


If we call the old Tj obese, I am sure it wouldn’t be wrong. No wonder his previous weight was close enough to the obesity margin that is understandably, a very alarming situation for anyone.

Thereby, it is assumed that Tj lost his weight owing to the health threats he was surrounded with. Of course, this was a much needed step that is extremely essential for a healthy life, as weight management is not always about looking good, but for a hale and hearty body, most of the time.


Tj, the moment he appeared on the current season of Wicked Tuna surprised everyone, including the best of his critics. According to him, he started to lose his weight during the off season and successfully dropped some 65-70 pounds in a period of some months.

Well, that’s truly incredible. Starting from the scratch and going all the way from 170 kgs to dropping 70lbs deserve every bit of praise.

Certainly, Tj is definitely on the right track now!


Sadly, Tj has never detailed about his weight loss journey to others but has hinted about the approaches that helped him cut those 70 pounds.

According to him, he chose the conventional way that has been followed by people to avoid complications, the unconventional methods can cause.

That is, he started following a nutritious diet that was too deficient in carbs. Other than that, he also started gymming so that his workouts can do the rest.

Well, Ott’s hard work finally paid off and his body seems in a much better shape today.


Of course, positivity and betterment can never go unnoticed. As soon as his fans noticed him much lighter on his feet, they started pouring love and best wishes on his social media accounts, especially Facebook.

Few wrote:

“Good to see TJ looking after his health keep up the good work”

“TJ you are looking great! Keep up the good work!!

“I am happy for him that he lost all the weight that’s a really good thing. I don’t really care about the drama I’d like to see more fishing”

Well, this is a good sign as appreciation further motivates you to do the best.


Tj Ott’s weight loss success is a question for all those couch potatoes and lazy heads that if he can- why can’t you?